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Emerald Coast Green Wave Athletic Association

The Emerald Coast Green Wave Athletic Association (ECGWAA) mission is to promote the game of tackle football and cheerleading in Walton County through collaboration with our families and our middle school and high school football programs. The ECGWAA believes the game of football instills valuable life lessons in our youth, and will promote our values of Integrity, Collaboration, Care & Respect, Innovation, and Excellence, through our football and cheer programs.

We are a non-profit organization,  who will be participating in the Gulf Coast Youth Football Association (GCYFA) a proud member of American Youth Football/Cheer National League (AYF), where academics and athletics are equally important. The objective of ECGWAA is to develop well-rounded youth who learn not only the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, but also the importance of education, good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and respect. The ECGWAA is committed to providing players and coaches with the latest techniques, training, and tools by ensuring all coaching staff are USA Football certified and are implementing the latest NFL/NCAA/FHSAA concepts and techniques. Our commitment to providing a best-in-class football product is unwavering -- the ECGWAA currently has the only Air Raid Academy and PrimeXample Elite Skills Academy certified staff in the area. We are also committed to providing only the latest in football equipment technology for all of our players.




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